Rental Policy Statement
The Historic Pines Ranch is a beautiful and unique mountain location.
We require that you, as a guest, will treat our site with as much respect as we do.

All tenants/guests agree that they are aware of the rental fee’s they will acquire during
their stay at The Historic Pines Ranch (Rental fees and package rates are provided by
separate invoice via e-mail delivery upon request of reservation) and they agree to our
requirements on how many guests will lodge per cabin;

•        Cusack’s Cottage 2 to 6 guests per unit/12 guests MAX

•        Foxtail Cabin 2-14 guests MAX

•        Pinion Cabin 2-11 guests MAX

•        Bride and Groom Cabin 2 guests max - available for wedding couples only

All tenants/guests agree that they are aware; an additional amount of $30 per guest per night is
applicable when more than the maximum number of guests per cabin - as set forth above - arrives to

We do Not allow RV’s, campers or tent camping; we have no hookups and per our zoning
permit are not allowed to provide these services.

A 6.9% tax fee does apply to all rental rates.
A $2500 damage deposit is required and is fully refundable

   •        We require payment of the above mentioned cleaning/damage deposit as outlined below and 50%
of your rental or package total as a first deposit – at time of rental confirmation when your reservation –
wedding or family reunion is less than 6 months in advance.  
See information below for specific package deposit requirements and options for reservations a year or
more in advance.  

•        The damage deposit will be held with your reservation paperwork and if no damage has occurred
during your visit and there are no excess cleaning issues we will return the check by mail within 7 days of
departure date.
•        We require that you issue a separate check for the required damage deposit.  This check is held with
your reservation paperwork – not cashed.  

  For our Wedding packages:

•        A damage deposit of $2500 by check is due when you request to reserve. This is refundable as
described above.
•        When scheduling a year or more in advance a onetime payment of $1
000 will be due by September
30th of the year before your wedding.  Further payment options will be sent out in January of your year
and then again 2 weeks ahead of arrival if needed.

•        Cancellations 150 days or less (5 months) before your anticipated check in date will result in a
“default payment” of
your $1000 cancellation fee. If no cancellation occurs the amount of $1000 will be
applied toward your package total.
          Payment can be arranged if your reservation is 6 or more months in advance.
•        You must contact us for payment options.
We understand that weddings can be expensive and are willing to work with you!

 Family Reunions:

•        A damage deposit of $2500 by check is due when you request to reserve. This is refundable as
described above.
•         When scheduling a year or more in advance a onetime payment of $
750 will be due by September
30th of the year before your reunion.  Further payment options will be sent out in January of your year
and then again 2 weeks ahead of arrival if needed.

 Cancellations 150 days or less (5 months) before your anticipated check in date will result in a
“default payment”
and your $750 will be retained by the Historic Pines Ranch.  If no cancellation occurs
the amount of $
750 will be applied toward your package total.

Failure to pay requested reservation fees/invoiced fees for cabin rental, or packages/required
cabin deposits and/or cleaning damage deposit fees in a timely manner and according to invoice
requirements will result in a cancellation of your reservation request with no further services offered or
provided.  The decision to cancel your reservation due to failure of payment is at the sole discretion of
the Historic Pines Ranch management.  You will be notified by e-mail upon our cancellation if paym
becomes an issue.

•        Cleaning:

•        All of our units and amenity buildings are clean and fresh upon your arrival;
You also agree that you will leave them in good condition upon your departure.  
We take care of all trash disposals – see our trash requirements below.  A welcome book in your unit will
give you full details.

•        Our simple cleaning requirements are provided upon request by e-mail, are posted on our website,
and are listed in each cabin in the guest welcome book.  

•        Kitchen and dance hall requirements are posted in each building.  A check in sheet and walk-through
at arrival will ensure you are informed on all aspects of the ranch.  

•        Each cabin has clearly posted information to ensure you and your guests stay is comfortable and safe.
  • Check in information will be provided at least 2 weeks ahead of your arrival with useful information
    to be aware of.

•        There are two courtesy laundry rooms on site for guest use.  

•        Catering: ***
If you hire a caterer or plan on hiring food prep assistance for your event we require the

A written agreement/contract between you and your caterer/cook or food provider.  This
document shall clearly define which party (you or the caterer) is responsible for the
cleaning requirements we have in place in regard to the use of our commercial kitchen.  
We require a copy of this contract for our records at least two weeks ahead of your/their
scheduled arrival.  We will provide our simple cleaning guidelines at any time upon
request and are happy to meet with your caterer for an educational tour.


I understand that I am responsible for the following trash related policy/rules
and I acknowledge that failure to follow specified rules will result
in a mandatory fee of $200 - $500 depending on trash disposal related conditions left
behind after my stay.

 Guests are required to bag all trash items related to their stay and for taking said
bagged trash to the Historic Pines Ranch trash dumping site.
Trash items include food and food waste, bottles, cans, paper items, diapers and any/all
loose trash items no matter how big or small.
Please use common sense – if it is trash - it is required to be bagged before entering the
trailer/dump site.
We provide all trash bags.

The trash dumping site is located at the back of the Cusack’s Cottage
please follow directional signs to find the specific dumping area.  

Hot Tub and Building Usage:

•        Specific rules for the hot tub building are posted throughout that building.  
We expect our guests to take their time in reading the rules and asking questions.  Failure
to respect the posted rules will result in that building being closed for the duration of your
Failure to leave the hot building in any less condition than at check-in may result in a fee
from $200 to $500 which will be deducted from your damage deposit.  
Our hot tub building is not meant for parties, splashing, diving or alcohol related
drinking.  This building is meant for relaxation – we require you use it that way.

•        It is also our expectation that you will treat our dance hall building, cabins and our property
with respect.  Common sense rules are provided in our welcome packet and can be obtained by

•        Campfires:  

Rules on campfires will be provided with our check-in information, 2 weeks ahead of your
or at any time upon request.  Fire is always and issue and we require that you follow our
information and rules – including local-county fire ban laws.  
You agree that you will follow said directions/rules
and area laws by signature of this policy.

•        I agree that I will educate my guests of the Historic Pines Ranch rules and policies.  
I also understand that I am able to request a “guest check in package to pass on to my
guests so they can aid me in adhering to said policies/rules and requirements.


•        Check In: Is between 3pm and 4pm
•        Check Out: is between 11am and noon unless other arrangements are
made in advance.
•        Wedding and Event Packages may check-in as early as 9:00 AM and check-out times are flexible
up to 1:00 PM.

•        A 30 minute walk through of our kitchen, dance hall, hot tub and picnic area is
required upon arrival for wedding and family reunion guests.

•        Pets are allowed at The Historic Pines Ranch we only ask that you keep your dog/dogs leashed
while outside and if possible kenneled at night while you sleep.  A pet damage fee will be assessed at
check out if necessary.   

•        Smoking is allowed outside only; red containers are provided at each cabin and building.  We
require that you use caution when smoking outside and discard all cigarette butts properly in the
cans provided. Flower pots and the ground are not approved cigarette disposal spots.

•        The Historic Pines Ranch “Common Sense Site Rules/regulations” have been
provided to me and I agree that with my signature below I have been informed of said
rules and agree to abide by them.  I also understand that further information and rule
reminders associated with my check-in will be provided to me no less than two (2) weeks
in advance of my arrival by the Historic Pines Ranch management: I agree that I will
familiarize myself with this information, and provide said information to my guest to
ensure all rules/regulations of the Historic Pines Ranch are met.   

•        We reserve the right to refuse service, and, or /terminate services to anyone at any time upon our discretion.

I agree that I have read and I understand the Historic Pines Ranch rental policy and will
abide by it.  I have received all common sense rules and will follow all check-information
as provided.
I understand that my damage deposit may be retained by the historic pines ranch to cover
or excess cleaning fees.  In addition, I also understand that additional fees associated
with excess damage, excess cleaning, excess trash issues or destruction of property
related to my stay above and beyond my damage deposit total will also be billed to me.

Above Rental Policy Requires a Signature of Acknowledgement for contract validation